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Perfume Review: PureDKNY

I’ve wanted this fragrance for a year and a half - every time I have gone into a store that sells the fragrance I have sprayed some on my coat to tide me over until the next time. I love the top notes and the middle notes that later create that creamy scent with a hint of water.

Most fragrance review sites list PureDKNY as a floral but the unique use of Ugandan vanilla certainly gives it an extra oomph. My waiting for this perfume has been well worth it, the joy of wearing this scent has easily put it into my current top 5 fragrances. ¬†Even my boyfriend is jealous that he didn’t get to buy me it as he thinks it smells delicious too.

It’s hard to review a scent when you’re wearing it as I always feel bias toward it, of course I’m going to say it smells great as I’m wearing it! But I have read a lot of reviews where people have called the scent faint and generic - I disagree i so many ways.

Combined with the body butter, PureDKNY is far from being a weak, forgetful perfume. It isn’t in your face like some other fragrances (Angel by Thierry Mulgar which wafts around the shops all the time) but more of a personal scent - the wearer can smell it and anyone within touching distance can smell it too. Which is probably what I love about this scent, you know someone next to you on the tube is going to be thinking “who smells so great on here?” and all along you know that it is you, the person wearing the delectable PureDKNY that smells that good.

It’s a happy perfume - something you can choose to wear all year or just in the summer. I personally would choose to wear it all year, it boosts my spirits and is a welcome smell during this drab, cold winter days.

Overall I would give PureDKNY a stellar 8/10 - it’s not completely perfect but no scent ever is. I don’t know how strong it would be without the body butter but since I love the combination of a scented body butter and the fragrance layered over the top then this is a winner. An added plus is that my boyfriend loves how I smell.

On an end note, I’ve never been a huge fan of Angela but I admire how she is still walking the runway at her age (30 I think) which is considered old nowadays in fashion but her advertisement campaign for this perfume was really lovely, I loved the TV advert and still find the print campaign to be a welcome vision. It all just feels nice and natural - the intention of the scent and campaign!

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